Manage application & admission processes faster

Our Online Application and Admission System will ease your application and admission work, automate all the processes right from start to end - application to admission.

Application Features

This Bootim Application Project is designed to automate application procedures and manage student's applicational processes into universities. This project is targeted at allowing admission decision to be made faster and more efficiently. It looks at improving the application and admission processes of new university students allowing nearby and far students to apply remotely and get feedback on their applications without having the university notice board.

Automatic Validations

The system captures applicant's academic results, automatically validates them and state the eligibility of the applicant qualifying to specific course choices basing on the university admission settings for these courses.

Document Management

The system stores applicants' academic documents. The documents are uploaded by applicants as a requirement for applying for admission which are later physically validated by administrators to match system results entered.

Easy To Use

The system is well documented and easy to use such that even anyone with no past computer experience can fully use it perfectly. It is fully customised with built in system guides to guide applicants all way around.

Fast Lite & Responsive

It has a faster loading rate and runs on all devices with diferent screen sizes ranging from smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and many other. This gives the users ultimate powers to apply for their desired courses on their devices no matter which.

Enhanced Security

The system has a two way authentication feature that restricts anonimous system access. This feature sends confirmation codes on the users mobile phone and email address which are later accessed and used to confirm their login statuses.

Feed Back Messages

The system allows the applicants and the administrators to communicate easily through systems inboxes. This communication allows the applicants to get guidance about course choices directly from administrators.

Data Chart Presentations

The application data is well organised and reported in both printable and graphical chart presentations. With just a single click, a printable section can be printed along with a print header for the university. Bar, Line, and pie-charts are used to present data in graphical form.

Instant System Guides

The application has a built in system guide that fully explains every step of application. This makes it more easier for those applicants with no past computer experience to interact with the system until all of their application processes are complete.

Instant Application Reminders

The systems will always send a notification message reminder to applicants who have not yet completed their applications. These messages are sent on their registered phone numbers and email addresses as well as system inbox on their accounts.


Start & Fill Your Application

An Applicant starts his/her application by filling identical data like phone, email, names and may be country of residence and then starts the application. The systems stores this data and generates an application number together with an account pin for the applicant. These are then sent to the applicant via mail or phone details registered by the applicant before. The applicant check his mail or phone, gets this information and comes back to the system, inserts an application number and the pin in the required login fields respectively and start filling in his personal data like date of birth, sex, type of entry etc.


Submit Academic Perfomance Results

It is advisable for applicants to always scan their academic documents before they start any admission processes. Therefore, applicants are prompted to enter their results manually in the system before making program choices. The system uses these results to validate their eligibility. After this process, the applicants are required to upload their academic documents in system pre-defined formats to the administrators for further verification of results.


Make Program Choices

After entering results and submiting academic documents, the applicant goes a head and make program choices. The applicant selects the best six course choices from the institution course list. According to the applicant's results, the system will indicate whether the applicant qualifies for the program course choices made. This gives an applicant assurance of being admited into the institution.


Pay & Submit Application

After all application processes are completed and the application is ready for submission, the applicant is therefore, requested to pay application fees and other application requirements. Best online payment methods are configured for the institution including school pay on the MTN Network and Airtel UG. Paypal is also intergrated into the system to accept payments from international students. After payments have been sent, the applicant is therefore allowed to submit the application forms. The applicant account remains active to recieve important updates about his / her application. However, the application form will not be editable.


Validation & Feedback

The administrators recieves application forms, makes extra validations if necessary, make reviews of applicant's academic documents and generates admission forms and letters while admiting the applicants into the institution. The feedback is sent to the applicants informing them about the status of their applications indicating whether the applicant have been admited or not.


Our Mission

Our mission for this project is to make the application and admission processes for higher institutions easier, controllable, and manageable which inturn reduce workload for admission administrators, reduce costs for applicants, and as well promote the image of the institution.
We contantly update this project to suite the modern university setting and assure you that the number of students admitted each session will drastically increase after the implememntation and use of this system.

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